Top 3 different types of T-Shirt Printers

Printing on a variety of stuff has become a profitable business. However, the preferences to choose a printing technique vary from person to person. Keep reading and get to know the top 3 different types of T-Shirt printers.

What is T-Shirt Printing

T-Shirt printing is an emerging profitable business. This market is growing rapidly. So, it is necessary to go through all the pros and cons while starting a T-Shirt business.

In T-Shirt printing, different printing techniques are used to draw, paste or carve designs on T-Shirts to give them an appealing look. There are many techniques to pursue the printing T-Shirt business. Please keep reading and explore some of them by yourself.

Printing Methods

Printing methods are evolving with each passing day with development in technology. Today we see a mix of traditional and advanced printing methods. It is important to explore them before starting them as a business model. The methods used for T-Shirt printing are:

Top 3 types of T-Shirt printers

As per demand, many innovations enhance the T-Shirt printing industry. The industry is growing faster, and we see different techniques applied with different printers. Based on these techniques, we see a variety in T-Shirt printing. Let us ponder on the top 3 T-Shirt printers.

Screen Printers

Screen printers have been in use for ages. That is because they give high-quality printing results with minimum effort. Here are some interesting facts you must need to know if you will buy one.

Screen Printer


  • Screen printers value a large number of printing industries.
  • We can directly print designs and images onto the desired material in screen printing without any medium.
  • The main mode of printing is still working and prints on various materials.
  • The common screen printer is the inkjet printer almost used in every printing.
  • They are a bit expensive to get but offer top-notch printed products.
  • Newbies find it easy to use due to its simple operating methods.


  • The printing process through screen printers needs some more time.
  • Instant results are not possible through Screen Printers.
  • The multiple colour option is not available in the screen-printer.
  • Neatness might be an issue because ink shatters while fixing screens into printers.

Dye Sublimation Printers

Dye Sublimation is a convenient method that is becoming the choice of many printing agencies. You get excellent quality prints through it, which do not fade away any longer. There are many good effects of Dye Sublimation Printing. Let’s have a look at them.

Dye Sublimation Printers


  • This printing method uses solid dyes, which prevents the fear of ink spillages.
  • The print remains longer because the dyes penetrate the fabric and solid dyes stay intact even after multiple washes.
  • It supports complicated designs and provides a wide range of colours.
  • The printers work better on bright colours to give more vibrant prints.
  • It does not only work for fabrics but also various solid objects.
  • You do not need to spend a lot of money to proceed with the printing process.


  • The dye-sublimation printers do not work for dark mediums.
  • Their prices are quite high.

Heat Press Printers

The heat press printers run on a simple process and require few tools to give quality products. In heat press printers, transfer paper is used as a medium to print images accurately on the substrate.

Heat Press Printers


  • The process is simple to carry out.
  • The prints are vibrant in light coloured mediums.
  • The transfer paper does not spread the ink, and the process runs smoothly.
  • The Heat Press Printer is affordable to purchase.
  • The Heat Press printers are easy to carry and take up minimum space in your workplace.
  • They are convenient to work on small scales.


  • The prints are hard and uncomfortable to wear.
  • Cracks and lines appear on prints when washed regularly or exposed to iron
  • It does not support dark mediums.

Which printer to choose?

All these printers mentioned above are widely used across the world. The majority of the flourished T-Shirt businesses depend on the choice and quality of printers. Keep in mind the good and bads for choosing the accurate one. Some important factors while choosing a printer are:

  • Quality of print
  • Expenses
  • Timing of printing process
  • Variety of favourable ink colours
  • Instant results

Other minor factors contribute to the selection of T-Shirt printers. Count in your goals and the results you want to get with the T-Shirt printer. Read the features mentioned earlier and choose the right types of T-Shirt printer for you.

Wrapping Up

The Types T-Shirt printers depends on multiple factors like material, scale, requirements and many others. The printers, as mentioned earlier, are commonly used methods that support all modes of printing and are preferred by folks due to their features.