Sublimation keychain

how to make acrylic sublimation keychains that are less flashy and more personalized. It describes the sublimation process, which involves transferring an image from one material to another. The article provides tips on how to sublimate on acrylic, heat press acrylic keychains, sublimate at the right temperature, and use the easy press method.

It emphasizes the importance of using good transfer paper, applying pressure, and sealing the acrylic to protect the final product. The article suggests that acrylic sublimation keychains are excellent gift options that are long-lasting and visually appealing


If you want to make a gorgeous acrylic sublimation keychain that has been sublimated, there are a few things you need to be aware of. To begin, you may soften the acrylic by heating it with a heat gun or even in an oven until it reaches the desired temperature.

After it has reached the desired level of softness, you can begin adding your patterns. When transferring the pattern onto the acrylic, it is important to utilize pressure and good transfer paper. Applying a sealant is the last step in protecting your hard work and putting the finishing touches on your project.

Do you have a thing for acrylic keychains but despise how showy they often are? Then consider yourself lucky if that is the case. By sublimating them, you may make them seem less ostentatious and flashy, so take advantage of this technique.

Just what is the meaning of the term “sublimation”? An image may be transferred from one kind of material to another using a printing technique known as sublimation. This implies that photographs may be printed directly onto the acrylic keychains, which is the case with acrylic keychains.

Sublimating acrylic keychains requires a few tools, including an image file, a heat gun (or another powerful heating equipment), chains, and polishing cloths. One of the first things you should do is get the picture file you need.

Sublimate on acrylic

The transition from a solid directly into a gaseous state is known as sublimation, and it takes place without the intervening phase of liquid. The two main things you will need to sublimate an item onto acrylic are a heat source and a can or container large enough to hold your finished product without it shifting around.

To avoid damaging the artwork, you should use a heat source that you can adjust as needed (a stove burner works well) and place it where it will be in direct touch with the flame. Once you have everything ready, you can sit back and enjoy your acrylic sublimation keychains.

Sublimate on acrylic

Do you want to avoid using a heat gun while sublimating acrylics? Without damaging the original work, acrylic sublimation allows you to add a new dimension of detail or alter the color palette.

Some suggestions on how to proceed following. Make sure there are no traces of oils, waxes, or other debris on the surface you will be working on. Doing so will ensure a more streamlined operation.

The underside of the acrylic sheet should be facing up on your work area. The sheet may be sealed by applying pressure along one edge with your hands, then pulling the sheet toward you until it is entirely pressed against your palm. To remove any residual pieces of sticky tape or paper from the bottom of the acrylic sheet, carefully peel them off. 

Heat press acrylic keychains

Do you like using key chains but find that they break too easily when you put them on and take them off frequently? You can construct your key chains that will last a long time and look great if you follow these steps.

Keychains made of acrylic are an excellent choice. They adhere well to heat pressing and may be applied to many surfaces, including metal and wood.

Heat press acrylic keychains

There is no need to be intimidated by heat-pressing acrylic if this is your first time doing it. Numerous guides can be found on the internet that will show you how to do it. After the process, you will get gorgeous sublimation keychains made of high-quality acrylic built to last and look amazing when attached to your keys.

What temp do you sublimate acrylic keychains?

Sublimating the artwork is an excellent option if you want to make a long-lasting acrylic sublimation keychain. The temperature is up to you; however, if your artwork is fragile, we suggest keeping it at a lower setting. First, heat the art tube in the oven to sublimate the acrylic keychains.

Then, place the tube over the flame and pour the molten acrylic to melt the plastic. You must take care that it does not catch fire. Take it off the fire as soon as it is melted and set it aside to cool. Finally, cut down one side of the tube with a sharp knife to create the keychain’s final form.

Keychains made of acrylic are always well-received presents. However, many individuals are hesitant to sublimate them because of their vulnerability.

This transformation from solid to gas or vapor is known as sublimation. You will need a heat gun and an oven to sublimate your images into acrylic keychains.

The acrylic sublimation keychain may be heated in the oven or by placing the heat gun directly on top of it for 30 seconds at a low temperature.

Take the heated keychain away from the heat gun and put it in a low oven. After ten minutes, take the keychain out of the oven and set it somewhere cold to cool off. You may then take off the protective paper and revel in the beauty of your sublimated acrylic keychain.

How do you sublimate acrylic keychains with the easy press?

In the past, it was not easy to sublimate designs into acrylic keychains using an easy press. However, thanks to modern innovations, manufacturers can produce a plethora of stylish acrylic keychains that can be easily activated with a single button.

Sublimating acrylic keychains is a simple process that may be accomplished via the use of a variety of various approaches. One method involves bringing a heat pistol into proximity to the acrylic’s surface. One such method is to immerse the acrylic sublimation keychain for a limited period in hot water.

The main advantage of these easy-pressing methods is that they provide professional effects without breaking the bank. Not only are these strategies inexpensive, but they also need very little work to implement them.

Can you sublimate 100% acrylic?

The 3D printing community often uses acrylic as a material. Nevertheless, printing on acrylic may be challenging because of its strong resistance to heat. Sublimation refers to the phase transition when a solid transforms into a gas.

To sublimate acrylic, heat it to the point where it turns into a gas, and then press it into the appropriate form. Acrylic is difficult to melt or draw into fine fibers; thus, the finished output will be a single, solid piece of plastic molded to specification.

How do you heat press sublimation keychains?

You will need some knowledge of heat press sublimation to make one-of-a-kind keychains and stand out from the crowd. To attach a pattern or picture to a material by heating it first is known as heat pressing.

Sublimation transforms the material into a “sublimated” product by heating the substance to a temperature at which its tiniest particles transition from a solid to a gas. Because of its adaptability and simplicity, sublimation is perfect for making one-of-a-kind keychains.

You are free to come up with whatever design you want, and the result will be exceptionally long-lasting. In addition, it is unnecessary to have any specialized expertise or equipment; all that is required is heat and iron.


The use of acrylic sublimation keychains, in conclusion, is a and cheap option. With little effort, you can make works of art that will make you happy. In other words, jump in.

A popular and simple method to display your fandom for your favorite sports team or cultural symbol is using sublimation on acrylic keychains. Please choose the right product and use it exactly as directed to get the desired results.