Ricoma R550 Printer Review and Buying Guide

For all Sublimation printing businesses, the boosting machine that can enhance the productivity and the profit are the Ricoma R550 Printer. The user has an outstanding printing quality at an affordable price through that Printer. Moreover, its low consumption feature reduces the per-page printing cost to the least, and the Printer became a very reliable product in a small period. 

Ricoma R550 sublimation Printer is one of the best Sublimation Printers used to print high-definition pictures on some objects like glasses, mugs, cups, and other pieces of Fabric. Moreover, it prints at high speed and connectivity of the Printer and sublimates mind-blowing designs on various objects like T-Shirts, Bags, Caps, cushions, and curtains. In short, it beautifies your surroundings.

Unboxing of Ricoma R550 Sublimation Printer

At the unboxing of this Best Sublimation Printeryou receive a few more accessories, which is significant to run the Printer for your printing business. Here is the detailed information about the Ricoma R550 Sublimation Printer. 

Power Cord

The most necessary thing the user needs to connect the printer with power source is a cord that connects the Printer with the electricity socket. The major function of the cable is to supply electricity through the power cable to the power supply of the Printer.   

Ink Cartridges

Every Printer comes with 4 cartridges, 3 of them are colored, and 1 black-colored ink cartridges. Usually, cartridges are based on primary colors like CYAM. The smart Printer optimizes the colors and creates the perfect mixture for the perfect color.

Sublimation Papers Bundle

The next thing you have is the bundle of paper used to sublimate the objects like cups, mugs, cushions, and table costers. The Printer comes with a bundle of sheets A and B that help transfer print on the customer’s medium. Sometimes it helps to mirror the print.

Ricoma R550 Printer

The compact design and strong build printer you will see at the unboxing of the Ricoma R550 Sublimation Printer. Indeed, you will love that laser printer’s decent look and compact design. Meanwhile, you have an affordable device that gives you all the best services that you need for the Sublimation. 


You will receive bundle of paper with the Printer at the time of delivery, and you might see the manual guide with the one-year warranty card. Place the card in a safe place it might you need in the future to get the repair or refund service.

Ricoma R550 Printer

Outstanding Features of Ricoma R550 Printer

To reduce the confusion, we add the segment of all the best features of the Ricoma R550 Printer for the users. Through they will have detailed idea about the pros and cons of the Printer.


The first thing you have in this Ricoma R550 sublimation Printer is its high range connectivity against different devices and Operating Systems. Like PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Windows, and Mac. To connect the device, the Printer offers WiFi and Ethernet connections. 


Secondly, high compatibility plays a crucial role in the printing when Ricoma White Toner Printer smoothly connects various devices. Due to its high compatibility, the versions of the devices and operating systems work efficiently and give heavy production in less time.  

Printing Technology 

The next thing that we have in the Printer is its printing technology, one of the latest technologies. Ricoma Sublimation Printer allows users to print the design and image using laser technology. Furthermore, the Printer turns the ink cartridges into hot gas and spry the accurate color on the paper.  

Creative Machine

Indeed, the machine that favors the artist and creative person in art is Ricoma R550 White Toner Printer. The Printer that is very significant in printing and designing is Sublimation Printer in the textile industry. Therefore, Ricoma R550 Printer is a creative machine that helps man design.

High-Speed Performance

Being highly compatible with speed connectivity, the Ricoma R550 Printer gives a high-speed performance that enables the user to print more than 26 points in 1 minute. Besides, its high-speed performance allows the user to market massive variety and the Sublimation prints. 

Quality Resolution 

With the Best Sublimation Printer characters and the quality resolution, we have the crispier picture of the print while using Ricoma R550 sublimation Printer. Moreover, it prints the quality design at the 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. So, you get a high-quality image at affordable prices. 

Low-Cost Printing

With all consensus, the user demands a printer that offers less cost and gives the lowest range of per-page cost. Due to being such a printer, you will enjoy affordable printing on a low budget. Ricoma Sublimation Printer is one of the best printers that cost low for the sublimation prints.

Support & Warranty

Users have time to check and preview the Ricoma R550 White Toner Printer that owns a year’s warranty and helps the user keep the product if useable. On the other hand, they can call the company to fix the bug or refund the cash in the warranty. Meanwhile, if you want to keep the product but accidentally damage it, the team supports you to fix it.

Ricoma R550 Sublimation White Toner Printer

Best for Sublimation Printing
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10/10 Our Score


  • Technology: InkJet
  • Connectivity: Wireless and Ethernet
  • Compatible: Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac 10.6, 10.9, & later

Ricoma R550 sublimation Printer is its high range connectivity against different devices and Operating Systems. Like PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Windows, and Mac. To connect the device, the Printer offers WiFi and Ethernet connections. 

Ricoma R550 Sublimation White Toner Printer Reviews

Every user wants to start a new business relating to the Sublimation like ceramic dinnerware printing, Fabric, and Textile printing. Whatever you plan to sublimate through printing, you can. The only product you need to have is Ricoma R550 White Toner Printer.

Creative people and designers love to print their designs through Sublimation for personal and commercial use. So, such a marvelous device helps you establish your new home office. Otherwise, it helps you glorify your surroundings by personal sublimation printing.  

In contrast, you can boost the efficiency of your old sublimation printing workshop by adding such a printing machine to it. The sturdy and strong build makes it more adorable in the sight of the commercial user because it bears the pressure of workload and works efficiently in any condition. 

Buying Guide Ricoma R550 Sublimation Printer

 A few factors to consider are here, for the user’s concern before buying Best Sublimation Printer like Ricoma R550 Printer for your business. The efficient machine can help you carry massive production in low-cost printing. Stay with us and know about the worth of the Printer.


Firstly, the Best Sublimation Printer is a Budget-Friendly printer, light on your pocket and high in performance. If you look, you will see the Ricoma R550 sublimation Printer qualifies in that field and gives you the best print quality. So, do not hesitate and get your Sublimation Printer now.

Ink Cartridges

The second thing is whether the cartridges that a printer use are affordable or not for the sublimation business. Print technology that wastes the expensive sublimation dye is not a smart choice. So, Buy a Ricoma R550 Printer that prints high-definition pictures with no cartridges wastage. 

Print Resolution

On the other hand, the resolution that the Printer offer is comparatively high than many other printers that come in the same range budget. So, you can print the high-quality picture at high resolution with less energy and low consumption of resources. 


A strong and sturdy build printer is the Printer that represents the product’s durability, and you enjoy the long-lasting experience for your sublimation business. Buy Ricoma Printer and have a compact and durable machine for your everlasting printing experience. 

Low Consumption 

Low ink, energy, and time-consuming product is the best product that gives you more than you deserve. So, always select a product that consumes less energy and effort. D dye is irresistible if a printer can save every drop of your ink or Sublimation. The Ricoma R550 Printer comes with all characters.


1. How is the resolution against speed?

Usually, the resolution is against the speed of the Printer. Therefore, the Printer that offers high-resolution prints slowly. Whereas the speed printer gives a low resolution for the Sublimation. Ricoma R550 Printer maintains a healthy balance between speed and resolution.

2. Is Ricoma R550 Printer worthy for Sublimation?

The user needs a multi-function printer for the Sublimation business rather than a single and outstanding feature. If you evaluate the properties and the characteristics of the Ricoma R550 sublimation Printer, you will find it worth it. However, it’s worthy of Sublimation and long-term printing.

3. How lasting is a Ricoma R550 Printer’s print?

After taking prints from this Printer, your Printer lasts for life if you take care of it. Your prints do not fade away, and they start looking dull after a certain period. So, don’t wait longer and get your Printer now and enjoy your creative printing for last forever. 


What are you waiting for? After knowing all about the Tech supportive Ricoma R550 Printer, Just go and grab your Best Sublimation Printer before it runs short. And you remain thirsty for the services that the Printer provides. Best of luck!.