Can You Use Iron For Sublimation Transfers?

The Sublimation transfer process needs a heat press to get a full-fledged print, but while it’s unaffordable, many people ask, Can you use iron for Sublimation transfers? In this article, you will get the reason for yes, and no’s to using iron for Sublimation.

How do you get perfect Sublimation transfers?

Sublimation transfers are printed sheets with Sublimation dyes. The Sublimation Transfers are sometimes believed to be ready right when we need to print them on a blank. Nowadays, raw printed Sublimation transfers are available, so we just need the right method to apply heat and print them out.

Sublimation printing is a versatile and quality printing method. The dyes, sheets, blanks, and other Sublimation printing materials are quite expensive. It is important to know the correct method to get a perfect result. While going for inconvenient methods like iron or other heating methods might result in bad prints and wastage of everything.

Why can’t we use Iron for Sublimation transfers?

The answer to your searched question is a big no. This is because standard household iron is not favorable for sublimation transfers. It will surely not give you a perfect printing blank, and you might face a quiet loss. The reason behind no to iron are:

  • It might result in waste because Sublimation blanks are highly expensive
  • You will not end up with good results
  • Iron is not suitable for big Sublimation transfers
  • Because of a lot of steam and  which results in blur prints

While doing Sublimation, you need all the correct tools to get a good result. A heat press is the flat, smooth, heated pressure used in the delicate Sublimation printing process. A heat press gives an intact desired result, while iron might give messy results because the substrate remains untied and loose.

It is not certain that we cannot use any standard iron for Sublimation transfers, but we can in some cases. We can sublimate substrates like stickers, small prints on bracelets, jewelry, and other miniatures with a household standard iron.

How can we use Iron for Sublimation transfers?

A standard household iron is a bad thought while Sublimating transfers. Many experiments are related to this mode of heat-press, and results are also provided to caution newbies. A heat press is considered the best method for Sublimation transfers so far. Hence, it is not a good idea to replace it with a standard iron.

But do not get disheartened because you might get your Sublimation done with a standard iron. This is possible only in certain cases;

  • Where you need average printing results
  • You want small size prints
  • It would be best if you got print for yourself and not for sale

You must have control over the pressure and heat exertion of your standard household iron. Once you choose an iron with a suitable smooth and big plate, adjust your Sublimation transfers onto the substrate, so they do not move, and you get a firm and fixed print.

Is It Possible To Alter Iron With Any Low Scale Heat Press?

While people choose iron for Sublimation transfers out of curiosity, some might not get the desired results after the first attempt. In this situation, people often wonder about getting a standard home heat press. They look for an affordable heat press, home users friendly, and gives the best output.

You can get your desired heat press from Amazon, Heat Press Nation. They have a whole category of home-use heat printers. You get a good quality heat press but must count on the size and voltage required. Get yours now and enjoy Sublimation printing at home.

Final Verdict

Can you use iron for Sublimation transfers? You do not have to worry anymore. The article explains well why or how to use standard iron for Sublimation printers. It is obvious from the standard size of iron that you can only print substrates that are merely the size of a dog tag. For a larger print, you need a heat press.

If you were looking for an iron printing solution because it was budget-friendly, you do not have to worry. Our page has several Amazon links to provide a variety of heat pressers that solve your issue. Visit our website if you have any other queries.