How long does Sublimation transfers last?

Sublimation printing is getting hype day by day. Due to high demand, it is important to have some backup plan for bulk production. We can pre-print Sublimation transfers, but it is important to know how long Sublimation transfers last and how we can store them.

What are Sublimation Transfers?

In Sublimation, we use a dye-sublimation paper, and that paper is also termed Sublimation Transfer. These Sublimation transfers are the mediums on which we first print the image with Sublimation Ink, and after that, it is heat pressed to print onto the garment or any other substrate.

Sublimation transfers are only used in Sublimation printing to get a fine finishing of the prints. The transfers are printed with the same Sublimation solid dyes, which stay intact on the transfer until they are printed on any substrate. With transfers, we get a thin but sticky layer of Sublimation prints. The prints do not form a layer on top but merge with the fabric, and users find it comfortable to wear.

What is Sublimation Transfer Printing?

Before we learn more about Sublimation transfers, it is important to know what Sublimation printing is and how Sublimation transfer aid in it.

Sublimation printing is a printing process where solid dyes are used. The specific Sublimation dyes are converted into gaseous form without going through the liquid phase. The sublimated ink is then applied on a Sublimation paper with heat and pressure to avoid spillages and misprinting.

Heat Press is another important component in Sublimation printing. A heat press is applied over the Sublimation transfer while placing it onto the substrate. The print transfers onto the material, and we get the desired print.

Why are Sublimation transfers important?

Many factors are aiding the use of Sublimation transfer in printing. Some of these are mentioned in the list below.

  • To fix the size of the design on the transfer paper
  • To get crack free print
  • To save printed transfer for later
  • To avoid garment printing
  • To get optimized and vibrant prints

How long do Sublimation transfers last?

How long do Sublimation transfers last? This question has great importance for people running dye sublimation businesses. The Sublimation printing industry is growing so rapidly due to its vast compatibility with various materials. However, it does not last the same time on all types of mediums.

The sublimation transfer can last for decades and can washout at the first water or air exposure. It all depends on the printer, the type of ink and the medium compatibility.  So, if you are planning to stock before an event than ensure you do not apply wrong strategies.

On average for transfer paper you can get print 2-3 months before application. However, do not exceed to 6 months as it might fadeout your prints or change the colors.

Well! This question is about the bulk production of Sublimation products and Sublimation transfers. The reasons behind advanced printing of Sublimation transfers are the following:

  • To keep the regular stock in bulk
  • To avoid shortage during busy times of the year
  • To meet ends in case of a supply shortage of ink, papers, printers, and other printing components
  • To cope with vacant days when no work generates
  • To avoid Murphy’s Law

How to store Sublimated transfers?

Storage of Sublimated transfers is an important thing to deal with. Especially on busy days like Valentine’s, Easter, Christmas, New Year, and others, it is obvious to have a bulk storage of Sublimation transfers. It becomes easy to keep the printing process going if transfer papers are ready.

There are huge chances of wastage if proper transfer paper storage is not done. The tricks are very simple and cost-free to save the transfers. The list of preventive measures is listed below.

  • Keep an optimized temperature of the place
  • Keep the surroundings dry
  • Try to keep the transfers in the dark and closed places
  • Keep them covered to avoid exposure to light
  • Use specified quality of paper and inks

Final Words

The above article explains well how long Sublimation transfers last. The lifeline depends on the care and precautions we take about them. The Sublimation Transfers are used after years and give results with the same vibrant and sharp prints. The advanced printing is good because it lessens the load and gives us good revenue. Do not hesitate in storing and printing Sublimation transfer because their quality remains the same even after many years.