Get The Festive Halloween Sublimation Designs Free

Halloween is the most exciting part of the year. It is rather more of a festive season all over the world. Every age of people loves to celebrate it with different themes and ideas.

These celebrations include the Halloween sublimation designs for your t-shirts according to the custom ideas. The sublimation business is increasing all over the globe these days. 

The freedom of making free Halloween sublimation designs is really fun in itself. Making ideas that are in your mind practical in print is amazing. Halloween is about celebrating all the scary things around you in your costumes, masks, and decorations. 

Get your Halloween Sublimation 

To have a great, fun, scary, and amazing theme t-shirt design for your Halloween celebration, all you need is to have cool designs and a good sublimation printer.

Get a stylish cool color t-shirt with a few under-tone colors. The design’s color should be a little sharp for sublimation printing. 

The quality of the shirt must be more of a polythene count along with the heat press machine, which makes the design’s prints long-lasting. 

With very little effort, you can have a great design and exclusive designs for yourself, your friends, and your family. 

Format For Halloween Sublimation Designs

You can find a great design for this festival, including the Witch Face sublimation design for t-shirts. These designs are easy to transfer and print in various materials. The materials must be of high quality and necessary a 300 PPI along with the PNG file format. 

Many other software and formats can help you get great sublimation printing, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva programs.

Where To Get The Free Halloween Sublimation Designs:

Here are a few effective platforms that can help you take great Halloween festival designs. 

  • Freepik
  • UnDraw
  • Photo credit, Pixabay.
  • Animated vectors
  • Flaticon
  • Openclipart
  • Design Bundle
  • SVG stop
  • Illustrator Guru

A Big No To Pick Halloween Designs For Sublimation Platforms

One should be very careful regarding choosing the images for your work. Not only for these festive occasions but on any platform, do not copy those designs with copyrights. It is non-ethical and against working etiquette. 

All designs on the search engines are not open to use or copy. The search engine does not necessarily own these images, but some are the personal property of companies and developers. 

Remember the ethics while working on the images so you will be reassured about your work. 

Enjoy the available free sublimation printing designs. 

Watermark Designs

Those designs have watermarks as the creator, company, or individual names. So you cannot copy or work on those designs. 

Check out designs without the watermarks. 

Social Media Groups

These social media groups are not authentic and can also destroy the quality of the images. These designs might look okay while downloading them, but when they are printed on the fabric, you will be pissed off. 

Creating your designs or choosing them after good thought and research is great. It will end in great printing, getting you in less effort at the time of printing. 

How To Get Glowing In Dark T-Shirts In Scary Halloween Sublimation 

Let’s get into the amazing project for all these sublimation crafters and fun people. You’ll love how easy this project is and how to make your Halloween crafts stand out at the party. 

So let’s take a look at the supplies you’re going to need. Following are a few important things you will need:

  • You will need a shirt now, and we’re going to supplement on top of that so the shirt can be any color. Material can be of cotton or anyone you would like as long as it works with HTV to reason Caesar flow in the dark HD. 
  • A weeding tool to weed away your HDV, and you’ll need a Salvation printer with Automation Inc. Along with sublimation paper to print your sublimation design.
  • A Cricut Design space and take a look at what design works best.

Stepwise Printing Halloween sublimation designs

  1. First of all, we have to upload the image before that pick a design space. This is because we need to cut HTV and ensure everything is sized appropriately. The maximum print and cut size for Cricut is 675 by 9.25. 
  2. The design area should be clear. Print the image and use quicker design space to print it. So you know the right size, and scissors are easy to cut it. But if you feel easy, you can cut it with your Cricut. 
  3. Now coming towards the HTV, we do a weed around the outside. You put its shiny side down on the mat. It will be Creamy white in the daylight, and when you turn the lights off, it will start to glow. 
  4. You are all ready to apply this HTV to the shirt. Now it’s time to press this just enough to get this carrier sheet off. 
  5. We have to heat it, press that 356 for 3 to 4 seconds, and then try to remove this carrier sheet. 
  6. Kindly use a light paper setting and cut sublimation paper with the Cricut machine and then flip this over. And locate it onto the HTB. 
  7. Once you have a sublimation print, you want to take it down to ensure it doesn’t move during the pressing process.
  8. It would be best if you used heat-resistant tape for this. Then once you have everything taken into place, cover this with the sheet of protected paper. 
  9. Now put it in the heat press and press it at 356 for 25 seconds. After pressing, remove the protective paper and start peeling back this sublimation design to remove the heat-resistant tape. 
  10. You are done here. Enjoy your glowing shirt on dark Halloween nights. 

Pro Tip: 

So now, let’s talk about what images work best with this. You do want it to blow in the dark. These areas should don’t have any design. So, you can see that around here. There won’t be anything and no color subtle on top of it. 


This article will help you get unique and free Halloween sublimation designs. You can design unique shirts by following the above steps and techniques. Enjoy your festival, and give us your feedback in the comments. 

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

How can I get free sublimation designs?

There are a lot of platforms we have already mentioned in the article it will help you to get all the great designs and patterns for your festivals. 

How safe is it to copy designs?

You should never copy that image that has copyrights on the images from search engines. It is not ethically right. 

What is the most selling sublimation printed item on Halloween?

T-shirts and masks are the most selling items in sublimation printing. You can get them by printing them according to your theme and decorations.