All you need to know before getting free fall sublimation designs

You have got the sublimation printer completely set it up. You now possess paper, blanks, and a heat press and are prepared to begin your project. But what kinds of pictures do you plan to sublimate? Most amateurs do not begin by designing their files; rather, they obtain them from other creators. As a result, I am dedicating today’s post to providing you with a list of websites where you can obtain free fall sublimation designs at low or no cost.

First, let us chat about free fall sublimation designs and some of the things you should keep an eye for when obtaining or buying sublimation files. Then look at the list I have provided just at the bottom of this page for connections to all of my favourite paid and unpaid sites that offer design services.

free fall sublimation designs

Commercial vs Personal Use

You should always be informed of the file’s usage conditions, regardless of whether you downloaded the free fall sublimation designs or paid for them.

Commercial License

If the sublimation files you purchased come with a commercial licence, you are permitted to sell the finished products you create using those files, provided that you adhere to the file’s terms and conditions for use.

You may upgrade to a business licence for just an extra cost. This may be fine if you are only planning on using your crafts for yourself. If, on the other hand, you are generating finished projects to sell, you have to be certain that you have the commercial licence for the free fall sublimation designs that you are using.

For example, you could purchase a licence for one of our cut files for ten dollars, and that licence will allow you to use that cut file for up to five hundred handcrafted items you intend to sell.

If you decide to purchase my “Creativity Words” sublimation file, you will get a dropdown menu giving you the option to select a Limited Use Commercial License. Then you can make totes, t-shirts, mugs, and other items to sell by using that template to make them!

Personal Use

When we want to rationalise our usage of certain photos, I think we tell ourselves that we are just utilising them for “personal use.” However, the validity of this argument is called into question when one considers everything else they buy.

Licensed Images

Now, let us talk about photos, characters, names, fonts, and logos protected by a company’s copyright, including how these are used.

We are discussing media companies like Disney or Warner Brothers, trademarks and logos like Nike and Coca-Cola, and even athletic events such as March Madness and the Super Bowl.

This covers businesses on a much smaller scale as well; most businesses control the licences and copyrights for their photographs, graphics, characters, logos, and other intellectual property. Illegal sales of content protected by intellectual property rights can be found anywhere, including on Etsy, online vendors, art fairs, and other settings.

Because it is so pervasive, we may believe that it is acceptable and that no one bothers about it. However, those who control the copyrights are continuously shutting down shops and bringing legal action against those who do so.

When you use photographs or free-fall sublimation designs that include licenced content, you run the risk of getting into serious legal difficulties.

Far if copyright laws cover uses on a personal level, they are of even more significance for objects that could be sold.

Therefore, even if you have the strongest desire to put the face of Baby Yoda, the trademark of Louis Vuitton, or the Audi symbol on the products you are offering for sale, do not. It is possible that you could get away with it, but there is also a chance that you would not.

And is that something that warrants staking your whole company? As Elsa might say, “Let it go!” Some things, such as quotations, fall more squarely into the ambiguous realm.

You are responsible for conducting the necessary investigation to determine whether or not a particular company’s trademark covers the matter.

In this particular instance, I recommend speaking with a lawyer experienced in the laws of intellectual property and trademarks.

The one exception to this rule is while working with images. Some websites make “print then cut” designs that can be used for personal projects and are compatible with free fall sublimation designs.

However, you are not permitted to use these licenced images on any products you intend to sell. You may learn more about the limitations of using these files for crafting projects.

Legitimate Paid and Free Sublimation Files

Since free fall sublimation designs are such a recent addition to the market, there are not nearly as many locations offering free downloads of these files as there are for other types of files, like as SVGs for use with a Cricut and clip art for use with printers.

However, there will be a rise in freebies as more people develop files for sublimation. Most websites will request your email address in exchange for a free download.

Legitimate Paid and Free Sublimation Files

This enables the designer to subsequently send you emails with additional paid and free files and information on other products and services they provide.

If you spend money on sublimation files, utilise one of the trusted websites. If you buy directly from the original designer, you may be sure that the file you receive is of the finest possible quality.

It is not a re-saved or compressed version of the original file, nor has it been reconstructed using information from the original file. If you are not designing the sublimation files, this is the best method for obtaining them.

Bad Files—Avoid These

Google or Website Images

You cannot simply use any pictures or graphics you find on Google or any other website. None of the photographs is owned by Google; each one is protected by the copyright of its original owner or creator.

Google does not have access to any of these images. If you are looking at free fall sublimation designs or artwork on a different website, you need to be sure that you are reading the conditions for the specific image you wish to use.

This information can frequently be found in the website’s footer. This again encompasses photographs for your own “personal use.”

Dump Facebook Groups

You could come across “dump groups” on Facebook or other websites, where individuals share free fall sublimation designs or files unlawfully; nevertheless, no designer possesses an open licence that allows them to distribute the files in this manner.

It is common to practise for admins of such dump groups to purchase designs and then distribute them to group members without charge, which is a violation of the terms of service imposed by both the designer as well as Facebook.

In recent months, there has been a significant crackdown on these organisations, including action taken in the legal system. As a creator and designer, it is incredibly disappointing to see your work getting shared in these communities, frequently at much lesser quality files or with a watermark.

Rather than doing that, you should support your favourite designers by legally acquiring their files.If you find yourself a member of an illegal dump group, the best action you can take is to report the group to Facebook.

This never-ending uphill battle is something that designers must face, and having makers on our side is tremendous assistance.

Fake Etsy Shops

The proliferation of bogus Etsy businesses that trade in stolen files is one of the most regrettable side effects of the recent surge in the popularity of sublimation printing.

Frequently, these stores will buy the file from the original designer, add their watermark on it, and then sell it for a fraction of the cost, so undercutting the price set by the original designer. This violates the law, but Etsy takes a long time to respond to customer concerns.


This article has explored your dos and don’ts while getting free fall sublimation designs. I hope you enjoy this article and use the free fall sublimation designs lawfully. There are a lot of fake resources that mislead you just for some sublimation files; beware of that.